About Us

Who we are:

We are My Brand, manufacturers of high quality oils and diverse products
made from our avocado which carry virtues and nutritional benefits that
nourish your life, gourmet formulas that enhance the flavor of your meals
every day, transforming the oils as an ideal complement for your meals.
“Avocado Oil health benefits are enormous and one of the healthiest choices
people can make”.

Our brand AVOCARE offers health and wellness by maintaining the proper
function of your body to stay healthy and energetic.

Currently, worldwide millions of people gradually realize that avocado is
the healthiest fruit on earth, and there is a strong tendency to seek out
natural products, which contribute to raise the quality of life, we at My
Brand join the quest for wellness, so we offer the valuable benefits of
Avocado in different and practical presentations.

At AVOCARE, only the best fruits are used and strict quality standards are
applied for our Avocado Oil production, to reaffirm its high gourmet
quality. Our Avocados are carefully selected from our Avocado Orchards and
inspected to assure the quality of fruit. Through the use of innovated
technology and methods developed we obtain 100% natural Avocado Oil from our
precious Mexican Has avocado.